Charmed Circle

Children Of The StonesAdam Brake rushes to Hendrick’s home to report Dai’s death, and Hendrick calmly insists on seeing the poacher’s body for himself. When he and Brake return, there’s nothing but broken stone at the spot where Dai died. But Brake also collected the broken fragments of Dai’s amulet – fragments that now fit in perfect alignment with fragments of an identical amulet found decades ago near the body a man found crushed by one of the stones in Millbury’s stone circle. When placed together, the fragments complete the ancient amulet, and Matthew recevies another vision. Margaret and her daughter also received a dinner invitation from Hendrickson, an invitation which will change everything.

written by Jeremy Burnham and Trevor Ray
directed by Peter Graham Scott
music by Sidney Sager

Children Of The StonesCast: Iain Cuthbertson (Hendrick), Gareth Thomas (Adam), Freddie Jones (Dai), Peter Demin (Matthew), Veronica Strong (Margaret), Katharine Levy (Sandra), John Woodnutt (Link), Ruth Dunning (Mrs. Crabtree)

Notes: Though credited, Freddie Jones appears in this episode only in a clip recapping the previous episode.

LogBook entry by Earl Green