Episode Six

Century FallsTime is running out. The only two people not taken over by Julia are Tess Hunter, Esme Harkness, and Esme’s elderly mother. Even Tess’ mother is willingly going with the rest of the villagers to the burned-out ruins of the temple, where Naismith’s plan to bring Century into being could finally come true, four decades after the last attempt had such tragic consequences. Upon learning that Esme’s willpower is being boosted by her mother, Julia sends Richard Naismith to kill the defenseless old woman. Tess goes to the temple, finding that all of the villagers’ psychic abilities are being harnessed to revive Century and direct it into its new host – Tess’ unborn sibling, and her mother as well. Nothing short of a miracle will keep Century Falls’ tragic history from repeating itself.

written by Russell T. Davies
directed by Colin Cant
music by David Ferguson

Century FallsCast: Heather Baskerville (Mrs. Hunter), Catherine Sanderson (Tess Hunter), Mary Wimbush (Esme Harkness), Tatiana Strauss (Julia), Georgine Anderson (May Harkness), Ronald Herdman (Ted Wayland), Danny Schiller (Jack Fretwell), Eileen Way (Alice Harkness), Bernard Kay (Richard Naismith), Simon Fenton (Ben Naismith), Emma Jane Lavin (Carey Naismith), Beryl Cooke (Miss Cooper), Jennifer Harris (Little Girl), Alex Mollo (Ashe), Donna Fawthorp (young Esme), Robert James (Dr. Josiah Naismith)

LogBook entry by Earl Green