New Order – Part 1: The Sky Shall Swallow Them

Captain PowerA data broker sells stolen information to Captain Power, revealing the extent of Lord Dread’s Project New Order – a satellite-based system that could mass-digitize the world’s population. A plan is set into motion to attack first the control center for the satellite, and then Lord Dread’s own hideout at Volcania. As Pilot trains to do the most dangerous flying of her life, Hawk, Tank and Scout consider the possibility that they’re being sent on a suicide mission.

written by Larry DiTillio
directed by Otta Hanus
Captain Powermusic by Gary Guttman

Cast: Tim Dunigan (Captain Jonathan Power), Peter MacNeill (Maj. Matthew “Hawk” Masterson), Sven Thorsen (Lt. Michael “Tank” Ellis), Maurice Dean Wint (Sgt. Robert “Scout” Baker), Jessica Steen (Corporal Jennifer “Pilot” Chase), David Hemblen (Lord Dredd), Todd Waite (Overunit Gerber), Todd Waite (Locke), Bruce Gray (Mentor), Tedd Dillon (Overmind), John Davies (Blastarr), Deryck Hazel (Soaron), Don Francks (Laacki)

LogBook entry by Earl Green