Captain PowerIn the future, after a bloody, lengthy war between humans and artificial intelligences, the Earth is a ruined wasteland and the AIs still stalk the land, looking for humans to render harmless by digitizing them. Lord Dredd controls the AIs’ relentless march, while the human resistance is headed up by Captain Jonathan Power and his team.

“Scout” infiltrates one of Lord Dredd’s hideouts with orders to set explosive charges and destroy the base, but the base’s exterior doors close thanks to a preset timer – a security measure that almost results in disaster. Scout is able to escape by the skin of his teeth. Back at the group’s hidden headquarters, Power receives a message from Athena, a childhood friend dating back to before the war, originating from the ruins of San Francisco, and he goes to meet her there. The mission is trouble from the outset: Pilot is knocked out by some sort of sleeping gas while keeping watch on the ship, and Power is ambushed by his old friend, who is now doing Dredd’s bidding. Pilot awakens and summons the rest of the team for backup, but Dredd has dispatched backup of his own in the form of Soaron.

written by Larry DiTillio
directed by Mario Azzopardi
music by Gary Guttman

Captain PowerCast: Tim Dunigan (Captain Jonathan Power), Peter MacNeill (Maj. Matthew “Hawk” Masterson), Sven Thorsen (Lt. Michael “Tank” Ellis), Maurice Dean Wint (Sgt. Robert “Scout” Baker), Jessica Steen (Corporal Jennifer “Pilot” Chase), David Hemblen (Lord Dredd), Ann-Marie MacDonald (Athena), Bruce Gray (Mentor), Deryck Hazel (Soaron), Tedd Dillon (Overmind)

LogBook entry by Earl Green