The Dirt Eaters

CapricaA young Sam Adama watches with envy as his older brother Joseph undergoes the first rite of Tauron manhood. The boys witness a brutal crime and, determined to prove his worthiness to their father, Sam slips into the scene of the crime and comes back with a gun. When the boys’ parents are questioned about the crime, and the gun is unexpectedly found under Sam’s bed, the Adama family is immediately suspected. Sam’s quest to prove he is a man has tragic consequences for both brothers.

Thirty years later, Joseph finds himself growing disgusted with the Guatrau’s business deal to secretly ship Cylons to the STO radicals, while Sam is disgusted that the Guartrau can’t see the value of deploying Cylons to help in the Tauron battle for independence. Joseph takes the risky move of dropping some thinly veiled suggestions to Daniel Graystone, and the Adama brothers once again form a pact: they’re joining forces to go up against the Tauron crime boss.

Meanwhile, in the virtual world of New Cap City, Zoe Graystone and Tamara Adama are also joining forces and remaking the landscape of the computer-generated world in their own image…

written by Matthew B. Roberts
directed by John Dahl
music by Bear McCreary

Guest Cast: Scott Porter (Nestor), Peter Wingfield (Director Gara Singh), Jorge Montesi (The Guatrau), Aleks Paunovic (William Adama Sr.), Elisabeth Rosen (Kolibri), Sina Najafi (William Adama), Genevieve Buchner (Tamara Adama), Panou (Olaf), Teryl Rothery (Evelyn), Jim Thomson (voice of Serge), Christian Tessier (Francis), Alison Araya (Isabelle Adama), Daleal Monjazeb (young Joseph), Alexander Kambolis (young Sam), Diego Diablo Del Mar (Bartender), William C. Vaughn (Fanboy), Nicola Anderson (GDD Receptionist), Colin Decker (Herac Soldier)

LogBook entry by Earl Green