CapricaAmanda Greystone is recovering from her suicide attempt in seclusion, with only Sister Clarice Willow for company. In her absence, Daniel Greystone is – with the help of the brothers Adama – taking decisive, ruthless steps to regain control of Greystone Industries. But Amanda also notices Clarice’s frequent absences, unaware that Clarice is also out to regain control of the Soldiers of the One at any cost. Barnabus is enraged when Lacy Rand botches a terrorist bombing for the STO, and demands her unswerving loyalty even as the rest of his cell falls. None of them are above ruining the lives of others – or, if they deem it necessary, ending them – to achieve their goals.

written by Patrick Massett & John Zinman
directed by Jonas Pate
music by Bear McCreary

Guest Cast: Kendall Cross (Youngblood), Peter Wingfield (Director Gara Singh),
James Marsters (Barnabas Greeley), Andrew Airlie (Cornell), Hiro Kanagawa (Cyrus Xander)

LogBook entry by Earl Green