Reins Of A Waterfall

CapricaAmanda Graystone’s public confession that she has discovered that her late daughter was a member of a monotheist extremist group called Soldiers of the One has wide-ranging effects. Graystone Industries’ stock plummets, and Amanda herself resigns from her position as a doctor to stay out of the public eye. Daniel Graystone fails to stay out of the public eye, and as a result, the next time he runs into Joseph and Sam Adama, he barely walks away from that meeting in one piece. With the Graystones distracted, Zoe – from the vantage point of her Cylon body – creates a way for her program to re-enter the virtual world. But it would seem that more people are aware of Zoe’s avatar than she expected… and more people are making unpleasant plans for Zoe’s father than he may realize.

written by Michael Angeli
directed by Ronald D. Moore
music by Bear McCreary

Guest Cast: Patton Oswalt (Baxter Sarno), Avan Jogia (Ben Stark), Kendall Cross (), Peter Wingfield (Director Gara Singh), Luciana Carro (Pyrah), Genevieve Buechner (Tamara Adams), Teryl Rothery (Evelyn), Sina Najafi (William Adama), Hiro Kanagawa (Cyrus Xander)

Notes: A number of genre guest stars appear in this episode, from Peter Wingfield (Methos from the Highlander TV series) to Teryl Rothery (Stargate SG-1’s Dr. Fraiser) to former recurring Galactica guest star Luciana Carro, who appeared on Caprica’s parent series as hotshot pilot Louann “Kat” Katraine, who flew her last viper mission in 2006’s The Passage. It’s not known if her character, a PR expert hired to help Graystone Industries recover from a backlash of public opinion, is intended to be an ancestor of Kat’s. Patton Oswalt, a veteran of the sitcom The King Of Queens, joins the show’s recurring cast as an obnoxious late-night TV comedian.

LogBook entry by Earl Green