CapricaLacy Rand is shipped off to train with the STO on Gemenon, but the STO recruits’ ship is snagged by a larger craft in the upper atmosphere and boarded by armed men who seem to be using the STO’s terroristic approach against the new recruits. One by one, hostages are chosen for execution, and nothing – from total capitulation to their captors to professions of faith in their monotheistic belief system – seems to appease the armed thugs. Lacy sees little choice but to fight back.

Daniel Graystone discovers that the Guatrau has been smuggling Cylons off-world – a clear violation of Graystone’s contract to develop them as robotic soldiers for the government of Caprica – to the highest bidder. Sam Adama is incensed when he learns that the highest bidder in question is the STO, and Graystone summons the Guatrau to a meeting on Caprica in an effort to stall for time, offering a discovery big enough to stop the Cylon shipments: resurrection from death itself.

written by Kevin Murphy
directed by Omar Madha
music by Bear McCreary

Guest Cast: Peter Wingfield (Director Gara Singh), Jorge Montesi (The Guatrau), Ryan Robbins (Diego), Ryan Kennedy (Odin Sinclair), Chris Heyerdahl (Kevin Reikle), Anita Torrance (Mar-Beth), Panou (Olaf), Jim Thomson (voice of Serge), Eva Allan (Devanna), Tom McBeath (Agent Alpert), Calum Worthy (Cass), James Kirk (Sagitarron Recruit), Luc Roderique (Dex), Matthew Smalley (Cadet Recruit #1)

Notes: The airdate of this episode reflects its original premiere date in Canada. Blowback was the next episode slated to air when Syfy abruptly cancelled Caprica and pulled the show from the U.S. schedule; the final five (appropriately enough for a Galactica spinoff) episodes didn’t air in the U.S. until early 2011, when they were aired together as a “marathon” the marked the series’ exit from Syfy’s lineup.

LogBook entry by Earl Green