Unchained Woman

Buck Rogers In The 25th CenturyA Zetan freighter is halted when it comes within Earth jurisdiction, and when Wilma and Buck board it, they find the captain of the freighter is an android. They rewrite parts of its memory and smuggle Buck aboard, part of a well-orchestrated plan to bust Jen Burton, the lover of an accused killer, out of prison and bring her to Earth to help find the killer. Buck manages to break Burton out of prison, but upon learning that this isn’t necessarily an escape to freedom, she’s less than cooperative with him. And worse yet, the prison’s relentless android guards are in hot pursuit – and unlike their quarry, they’re impervious to the desert heat.

Order the DVDswritten by Bill Taylor
directed by Dick Lowry
music by Stu Phillips

Guest Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis (Jen Burton), Michael Delano (Pantera), Bert Rosario (Sanwiller), Tara Buckman (Majel), Walter Hunter (Hugo), Robert Cornthwaite (Warwick), Danny Ades (Gymon), Jim B. Smith (Shuttle Captain), Charles Walker (Lt. Zimmerman)

LogBook entry by Earl Green