Space Rockers

Buck Rogers In The 25th CenturyDr. Huer lets Buck in on a troubling piece of information – the hottest band in the galaxy, Andromeda, seems to be spawning acts of violence among its young audience. An Earth Defense Directorate spy has infiltrated Andromeda’s interstellar road crew as their sound engineer, but when he’s discovered by Andromeda’s manager, he pays for it with his life. Even more disturbingly, Andromeda operates from a former military space station now known as MusicWorld, and the band’s manager, an ex-researcher named Lars Mangros, has written classified papers on a potential new method of mind control. Huer manages to get Buck a slot as a presenter for Andromeda’s next concert, a galaxy-wide broadcast which could wreak massive havoc with young people on hundreds of worlds. On MusicWorld, Buck discovers that Mangros is indeed planning to hide a mind-controlling frequency within the sound waves of Andromeda’s music, turning the galaxy’s youth into a mindless fighting force. Buck alerts the band to this plan, and they refuse to go ahead with the concert – and are promptly locked away, along with Buck. Now the only weapon Buck has is his cunning – and rock ‘n’ roll.

Order the DVDswritten by Chris Bunch & Allan Cole
directed by Guy Magar
music by Johnny Harris

Guest Cast: Jerry Orbach (Lars Mangros), Judy Landers (Joanna), Nancy Frangione (Karana), Leonard Lightfoot (Cirus), Jesse Goina (Rambeau), Paul LeClair (Tarkas), Richard Moll (Yarat), Jeff Harlan (Mark), Cynthia Lear (Elaine), Mitch Reta (Technician), Joseph Taggart (Security man)

LogBook entry by Earl Green