Flight of the War Witch, Part 2

Buck Rogers In The 25th CenturyBuck and Dr. Huer refuse Earth’s help in the Pendar-Zad war, and Ardala likewise refuses to offer Draconian support in the conflict. But the Pendar Council won’t take either party back through the interdimensional vortex unless they take Pendar’s side in the war. Once Buck and Ardala both agree to fight the Zad, Ardala tries to double-cross everyone – only Zarina, the Zad’s infamous War Witch, sees through Ardala’s grab for power. Despite her attempted swindle, Buck and the Draconian fighters are soon fighting side-by-side for the first time. But will that be enough to stop Zarina?

Order the DVDsteleplay by Robert W. Gilmer & William Mageean
story by David Chomsky
directed by Larry Stewart
music by J.J. Johnson

Guest Cast: Pamela Hensley (Princess Ardala), Kelley Miles (Shandar), Donald Petrie (Keeper), Sid Haig (Nero), Michael Ansara (Kane), Julie Newmar (Zarina), Vera Miles (Council Member), Sam Jaffe (Kodus)

Notes: This was the final episode of the first season, and NBC only renewed the show with a half-season order to see if its problems – not the least of which was star Gil Gerard’s constant friction with the producers and writing staff – could be “fixed.” Former Gunsmoke producer/writer John Mantley was brought on board to retool the series into a more thoughtful, less action/FX oriented series patterned somewhat on the original Star Trek. Tim O’Connor was dropped from the show, as was the character of Dr. Theopolis; the change was made more abrupt by NBC vetoing Mantley’s proposal for a “transitional” episode. And worse yet, the Writers’ Guild Strike of 1980 meant that the series wouldn’t return for over nine months.

LogBook entry by Earl Green