Cruise Ship To The Stars

Buck Rogers In The 25th CenturyBuck is assigned to provide undercover security for the Miss Cosmos beauty pageant. While he’s relieved to see at least one 20th century custom has survived, Buck finds that the contest is more about genetic perfection than just looks – and that genetic perfection puts a price tag on the head of every contestant for bounty hunters and others seeking an infusion of genetic material. Even with Wilma and Twiki backing him up, however, Buck is in for a challenge – a killer is on board, and oddly enough, her appearances seem to coincide with the period disappearances of one of the contestants.

Order the DVDsteleplay by Michael Bryant and Cory Applebaum
story by Michael Bryant
directed by Sigmund Neufeld, Jr.
music by Shirley Walker

Guest Cast: Leigh McCloskey (Jay), Trisha Noble (Sabrina), Brett Halsey (Cruise Ship Captain), Kimberly Beck (Allison Michaels), Dorothy Stratten (Miss Cosmos)

Notes: The Lyran Queen model was reused as the Searcher in season two. Actress Dorothy Stratten, who had been the Playboy Playmate of the Month as recently as August 1979 and the Playmate of the Year in 1980, was murdered by her husband less than a year after this episode aired; that highly publicized tragedy became the basis of the movie Star 80.

LogBook entry by Earl Green