Cosmic Wiz Kid

Buck Rogers In The 25th CenturyOn the peaceful neutral planet of Genesia, a coup quickly removes President Hieronymous Fox from power, and the unscrupulous Roderick Zale assumes control and makes an exorbitant ransom demand. The President’s personal bodyguard, Dia Cyrton, escapes and goes to Earth to plead for the Defense Directorate’s help in rescuing him. Dr. Huer, however, is unwilling to commit any resources to the mission, so Cyrton waits until she can pull off a kidnapping of her own, drugging Buck and dragging him off with her to rescue the President. Her choice isn’t at random, either: what Huer doesn’t know is that Hieronymous Fox is, like Buck, a survivor from Earth’s 20th century – a child genius who survived the nuclear holocaust by testing his cryogenic suspension unit on himself. But in the years before the Earth Defense Directorate was established, Fox’s cryogenic pod was looted by the visiting Genesians, though his brilliant mind made him invaluable enough that he climbed the political ladder. Buck and Cyrton brave the odds, including a face-to-face confrontation with an assassin hired by Zale, to rescue Fox…only to find that the President is perfectly capable of making himself too much of a nuisance to be held prisoner for long.

Order the DVDsteleplay by Alan Brennert
story by Anne Collins
directed by Les Martinson
music by Johnny Harris / “Shambala” by Three Dog Night

Guest Cast: Gary Coleman (Hieronymous Fox), Ray Walston (Roderick Zale), Melody Rogers (Lt. Dia Cyrton), Albert Popwell (Koren), Earl Boen (Selmar), Lester Fletcher (M.D. Toman), Tobar Mayo (Guard), Tony Epper (Drunk)

Notes: Toman’s guards are obviously wearing Battlestar Galactica uniforms.

LogBook entry by Earl Green