A Dream of Jennifer

Buck Rogers In The 25th CenturyWhile shopping with Twiki for the components of an authentic 20th century hot tub, Buck thinks he spots a familiar face. He tries to follow her, but loses track of her and then sees her again at a spaceport the next day. Buck’s friends grow concerned about his insistence on looking for the woman who resembles his 20th century girlfriend Jennifer, but they help him track her down to the city that Buck once knew as New Orleans. When Buck does finally have a change to talk to her, she warns Buck that someone is trying to harm him – moments before two masked attackers pull a gun on both of them. Buck learns that the woman he has been following was the bait in a trap laid especially for him by a group of aliens who want him to destroy a shipment of Earth weapons to an allied world – a world these aliens are at war with. They threaten the woman’s life if Buck doesn’t cooperate, so he reluctantly goes along with the plan – but what he doesn’t expect to find is that Dr. Huer has sent Wilma along with the arms shipment to ensure its safe arrival.

Order the DVDswritten by Michael Bryant
directed by David G. Phinney
music by John Cacavas

Guest Cast: Paul Koslo (Commander Reeve), Gino Conforti (Sylvie), Mary Woronov (Nola), Anne Lockhart (Jennifer), Jessie Lawrence Ferguson (Lt. Hekoff), Cameron Young (Toby Kaplin), Shawn Michaels (Supervisor), Dennis Haysbert (Guard), Marsha Merchant (Clerk), Mitchell Young-Evans (Mime)

Notes: Anne Lockhart is the daughter of June Lockhart, who played the matriarch of the Robinson clan on Lost In Space. If you listen closely after Buck is turned away from the spaceport boarding gate, “Captain Christopher Pike” is paged on the P.A. system. Also, Dr. Huer reveals in this episode that he is a widower. Guest star Mary Woronov would later take over the role of Na’Toth – very briefly – in the second season of Babylon 5.

LogBook entry by Earl Green