The Oath

Battlestar GalacticaHaving thrown his lot in with Tom Zarek, Gaeta assembles a team of Galactica crew members whose discontent with what Zarek calls the “Roslin/Adama administration” has reached a boiling point; they smuggle Zarek out of Galactica’s brig and off the ship. Gaeta’s position in CIC allows him to cover for Zarek’s departure until the vice president is once again safely ensconced aboard Colonial One. But as the hub of communications between CIC and the rest of the fleet, Gaeta is also able to squash Lee’s demands to know how Zarek returned to power, and Starbuck’s warning that the armory has been broken into. Marines loyal to Zarek and Gaeta take over CIC, escorting Adama and Tigh away and putting Gaeta in command of Galactica. Lee returns to Galactica and is promptly abducted by Gaeta’s forces, but only Starbuck – and her utter lack of remorse on the issue of putting rounds through people she has served with for years – saves him. Their first task after that is to find Roslin and rush her to safety – namely, Baltar’s religious enclave, where she hopes to use his radio in the absence of Galactica’s own communications systems. Tigh and Adama prove to be quite adept at getting themselves out of trouble, and they’re already armed and free by the time Lee and Starbuck find them. Roslin’s message to the fleet is enough to confuse the issue of who’s in charge and buy time for her escape. But a few other members of the crew stay behind to cover Roslin’s (and Baltar’s) escape, and retake the ship – and Adama and Tigh are among those who refuse to give up without a fight.

written by Mark Verheiden
directed by John Dahl
music by Bear McCreary

Guest Cast: Michael Hogan (Colonel Tigh), Aaron Douglas (Tyrol), Tahmoh Penikett (Helo), Michael Trucco (Anders), Alessandro Juliani (Gaeta), Richard Hatch (Tom Zarek), Sebastian Spence (Narcho), Brad Drybrough (Hoshi), Jennifer Halley (Seelix)

LogBook entry by Earl Green