No Exit

Battlestar GalacticaIn the wake of the Zarek/Gaeta mutiny, the first priority aboard Galactica is trying to patch up the scores of wounded – and preparing to bury the scores of the dead. Among the wounded is Sam Anders, shot in the back of the head during his own jailbreak; when he recovers from his surgery, he asks Starbuck to summon his fellow members of the final five: he has had a vision and remembers everything. President Roslin has pieces of her own to pick up, as she appoints Lee the new vice president, charging him with the formation of a new Quorum and advising him that he’ll have to do much of the work in keeping the government together now. Sam’s visions, as he relates them to the other Cylons, involve life on Earth (and the end of it), and even further back: ancient Cylon history, a power struggle between the Cylons’ creator (the woman that Tigh knew as his wife, Ellen) and a dissident who wanted to return the Cylons to their mechanical nature (Brother Cavel). When she resurrected aboard a Cylon ship after her execution on New Caprica, Ellen was virtually held prisoner by Cavel, until he needed her knowledge of resurrection after the Colonial destruction of the Cylons’ resurrection hub…at which point, Cavel decided to skip any kind of negotiation or interrogation, opting instead to kill Ellen and retrieve the knowledge from her brain. Before Sam can remember much more, though, Doc Cottle insists that the bullet should be removed from his brain, and over the objections of the other Cylons, Starbuck readily agrees. Sam is given until the moment the anesthesia takes hold in the operating room to continue relating his visions. And at the same time, Tyrol has bad news for Admiral Adama: after the years of fighting, rushed repair jobs, and corners that were cut back when the keel was first laid for the ship, Galactica is nearing the end of her time as a spaceworthy vessel.

written by Ryan Mottesheard
directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton
music by Bear McCreary

Guest Cast: Michael Hogan (Colonel Tigh), Aaron Douglas (Tyrol), Tahmoh Penikett (Helo), Michael Trucco (Anders), Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh), Donnelly Rhodes (Doc Cottle), Rekha Sharma (Tory Foster), Dean Stockwell (Cavel), John Hodgman (Dr. Gerard), Kerry Norton (Nurse Layne Ishay), Darcy Laurie (Deklind)

LogBook entry by Earl Green