Battlestar GalacticaThree Cylon fighters appear near Galactica, but rather than attacking the Colonial fleet, two of the Cylons are trying to destroy the third. Starbuck and Kat take out the two pursuers, but Adama orders them to stand down when a human voice is heard over the speakers, identifying himself as “Bulldog.” The Cylon ship is brought in for a landing on Galactica, and a human male tumbles out of it – Adama recognizes him as Bulldog, a pilot Adama selected for a top secret mission (and wound up abandoning when his fighter was shot down) over a year before the Cylon attacks on the Colonies. When Bulldog pays a social call to his old friend Tigh, who’s still off-duty, Tigh reveals the real nature of Bulldog’s mission. Adama confesses the same to his son, admitting that Bulldog’s real mission was to determine whether or not the Cylons were still out there and preparing for a strike on the Colonies – and that his capture by the Cylons could have been the event that sparked the attack that came later. Adama confesses that he feels the weight of responsibility for causing the attacks that nearly wiped out humanity. And analyzing the desperate flight that brought Bulldog back to Galactica, Starbuck begins to warn her superiors that she thinks it’s no accident that the lost hero has returned home.

written by David Eick
directed by Michael Rymer
music by Bear McCreary

Guest Cast: Michael Hogan (Tigh), Aaron Douglas (CPO Tyrol), Tahmoh Penikett (Helo), Alessandro Juliani (Lt. Gaeta), Kandyse McClure (Dualla), Lucy Lawless (D’anna Biers), Carl Lumbly (Bulldog), Donnelly Rhodes (Doc Cottle), Matthew Bennett (Aaron Doral), Rekha Sharma (Tory Foster), Lucianna Carro (Kat), Barry Kennedy (Admiral Corman), Tiffany Lyndall-Knight (Hybrid)

LogBook entry by Earl Green