Final Cut

Battlestar GalacticaAfter one of her news broadcasts includes newly-uncovered footage from the clash between civilians and Galactica’s Marines, reporter D’Anna Biers is invited to a meeting with President Roslin and Commander Adama. Fearing that Biers’ report will reignite ill will between civilians and Galactica’s military, Roslin and Adama offer Biers unlimited access to Galactica and her crew. With the public reminded of the controversy, Colonel Tigh finds that not only is he back in the hot seat, but he and his wife are receiving death threats. As Biers continues her investigation, she finds signs that some of Galactica’s crew are starting to crack under the pressur, with results that could be disastrous for each other – or the entire fleet. Then again, by the time it’s broadcast, Biers’ own news piece could have the same effect.

written by Mark Verheiden
directed by Robert Young
music by Bear McCreary

Guest Cast: Michael Hogan (Colonel Tigh), Aaron Douglas (CPO Tyrol), Tahmoh Penikett (Helo), Paul Campbell (Billy Keikeya), Alessandro Juliani (Lt. Gaeta), Kandyse McClure (Dualla), Lucy Lawless (D’Anna Biers), Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh), Donnelly Rhodes (Dr. Cottle), Matthew Bennett (Leoben Conoy), Luciana Carro (Louann “Kat” Katraine), Bodie Olmos (Brendan “Hotdog” Costanza), Flick Harrison (Bell), Kevan Kase (Pvt. Scott Kelso), Yee Jee Tso (Staffer), Curtis Hicks (Marine Sergeant), Aleks Paunovic (Marine Sgt. Fischer), Ty Olsson (Capt. Aaron Kelly), Leah Cairns (Racetrack), Jeremy Guilbaut (Lt. Joe “Hammerhead” Palladino)

Notes: This episode introduces us to several of the regular and recurring characters on a first-name basis; Dualla’s first name is Anastasia, and Gaeta’s name is Felix. (He also appears to have picked up a smoking habit.) Actor Yee Jee Tso, who made a very brief appearance as one of Biers’ assistants, appeared in the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie as Chang Lee.

LogBook entry by Earl Green