Battlestar GalacticaRepairs begin on Galactica, using the Cylon material to shore up the weakening superstructure. When Baltar returns to his followers, he finds that his position among his own cult has weakened; a woman named Paula has seized control in his absence and is advocating using more violent means to ensure their survival. The chaos that followed in the wake of the discovery of Earth and the subsequent mutiny has left Baltar’s faction in a delicate position, and while he advocates using their food supplies to help others, he finds that the use of force may not be such a bad idea.

Boomer returns to Galactica after a long absence, bringing the resurrected Ellen Tigh with her; for her trouble, Boomer is thrown into the brig, while Ellen is reunited with her husband…only to be enraged when she discovers that he’s expecting a child by one of the Sixes, the first biological child born to Cylon parents. Ellen begins to sow dissent among the final five and the other Cylons: with Six’s child, Hera is no longer the only remaining hope for the Cylons’ future without resurrection. Ellen believes that the Cylons should leave the fleet – despite Sam’s prophetic warning not to – to move Six’s child to a safe environment. The lone holdout is Tigh himself; Ellen uses the moment of dissent to convince Six that Tigh’s love for serving alongside Adama is greater than his love for any woman, and Six collapses. Doc Cottle confirms that Six will miscarry…leaving Ellen and the rest of the Cylons no choice but to remain with the humans, counting on Hera for their very survival.

No one realizes it yet, but the other faction of Cylons is counting on the very same thing.

written by Jane Espenson
directed by Robert Young
music by Bear McCreary

Guest Cast: Michael Hogan (Tigh), Aaron Douglas (Tyrol), Michael Trucco (Sam Anders), Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh), Donnelly Rhodes (Doc Cottle), Rekha Sharma (Tory Foster), Roark Crichtlow (Pianist)

LogBook entry by Earl Green