War of the Gods – Part 2

Battlestar Galactica (original)All hell is literally breaking loose aboard Galactica. Count Iblis is revealed to be a legendary creature known in Earth lore as the Prince of Darkness, but he has already won the respect and admiration of the Council of Twelve by capturing Baltar and handing him over to them. Only Adama and his closest friends stand against the powerful being – and Adama pays for the struggle when he learns of Apollo’s death at Iblis’ hands. When another immensely powerful race of creatures arrives, calling themselves the Seraphs, it dawns on the crew that they have become pawns in the holiest war of them all…one which they may not survive.

Order the DVDsDownload this episodewritten by Glen A. Larson
directed by Daniel Haller
music by Stu Phillips

Guest Cast: Patrick Macnee (Count Iblis), John Williams (Statesman), Janet Louise Johnson (Sgt. Brie), Jack Stauffer (Captain Bojay), Kirk Alyn (Old Man), Paula Victor (Old Woman), Paul Coufos (Pilot), Chip Johnson (Pilot), Bruce Wright (Guard), Leann Hunley (Warrior), Olan Soulè (Carmichael), Norman Stuart (Statesman)

LogBook entry by Earl Green