Fearful Sea Anemone

Battle Of The PlanetsChief Anderson reveals to G-Force that construction on a new secret undersea base on the innermost planet of Galaxy 30 is nearing completion…and that Zoltar is aware of its existence and may be trying to destroy it before it can be used. The Phoenix is launched to patrol the area, and they spot a huge robotic sea anemone on the seafloor. Keyop, still stinging from an encounter with civilians who know about G-Force bot don’t seem to know there is a G-4, sneaks away to try to complete the mission alone. But he may be leading Zoltar straight to the new secret base…

written by Jameson Brewer
directed by Hisayuki Toriumi
music by Hoyt Curtin and Bob Sakuma

Battle Of The PlanetsVoice Cast: Casey Kasem (Mark), Ronnie Schell (Jason), Janet Waldo (Princess / Susan), Alan Young (7-Zark-7 / Keyop), Alan Dinehart Jr. (Tiny / Chief Anderson), Keye Luke (Zoltar / The Luminous One)

Note: This is one of the most literal translations of the original Gatchaman story to the Battle Of The Planets format, though where changes are made, they’re whoppers – including the construction of Center Neptune’s identical twin in “Galaxy 30” (in the original anime, which is set mostly on Earth in its first season, this marks the first appearance of the Crescent Coral Reef base, animation of which is used as Center Neptune in every Battle Of The Planets episode). For the corresponding episode of Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman, click here.

LogBook entry by Earl Green