The Penguin Goes Straight

BatmanWhen a masked villain tries to strike at Gotham’s high society at the city’s theater, Commissioner Gordon is stunned to learn that the crime is thwarted…by the Penguin. This scene is repeated at the Gotham Millionaires’ Club, when Batman and Robin burst in on an attempted kidnapping only to see the Penguin stop the crime. But Batman is certain that the Penguin is arranging the very crimes he seems to be stopping. When the Dynamic Duo tries to gather evidence, they find themselves framed for a jewel heist.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Lorenzo Semple Jr. and John Cardwell
directed by Leslie H. Martinson
music by Nelson Riddle / Batman theme by Neal Hefti

BatmanCast: Adam West (Batman), Burt Ward (Robin), Alan Napier (Alfred), Neil Hamilton (Commissioner Gordon), Stafford Repp (Chief O’Hara), Madge Blake (Mrs. Cooper), Burgess Meredith (The Penguin), Kathleen Crowley (Sophia Starr), Harvey Lembeck (Eagle-Eye), Al Checco (Dove), Hope Sansberry (Mrs. Van climber), Ed McCready (Crook), William Beckley (Reggie Rich), Douglas Banks (Lt. Copple)

LogBook entry by Earl Green