Smack In The Middle

BatmanThe Riddler, obsessed with revealing Batman’s secret identity, alters the appearance of Molly, a member of his criminal gang, to resemble Robin, and sets a trap for Batman to “rescue” Robin. But back in the Batcave, Batman has already figured out that this isn’t the real Robin; Molly tries to escape and falls into the Batcave’s reactor to her death. The background noise in a call from the Riddler leads Batman to Robin’s true whereabouts, but the Riddler escapes yet again. Robin thinks he has some clues about the Riddler’s next target, but Batman has other ideas…

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Lorenzo Semple, Jr.
directed by Robert Butler
music by Nelson Riddle / Batman theme by Neal Hefti

BatmanCast: Adam West (Batman), Burt Ward (Robin), Alan Napier (Alfred), Neil Hamilton (Commissioner Gordon), Stafford Repp (Chief O’Hara), Madge Blake (Mrs. Cooper), Jill St. John (Molly), Frank Gorshin (The Riddler), Allen Jaffe (Harry), Michael Fox (Inspector Basch), Damian O’Flynn (Gideon Peale), Ben Astar (The Moldavian Prime Minister), Jack Barry (Newscaster)

Notes: BatmanSetting a pattern that would last through the end of the show’s second season, the second part of this cliffhanger aired on Tuesday, with the first part having aired on Monday. Batman aired twice weekly on ABC until its third season, at which point it became a weekly show.

LogBook entry by Earl Green