The Parliament of Dreams

Babylon 5Amidst a week of cultural exchange in which various cultures’ religious and philosophical views are demonstrated, Garibaldi notices the arrival of Catherine Sakai, Sinclair’s old flame from the space academy on Earth. While Sinclair tries to come to grips with his past, Ambassador G’Kar’s past gets a grip on him as an old adversary from the Narn homeworld has diverted all his resources to killing G’Kar. The sudden arrival of a new aide makes the ambassador understandably nervous, and no matter what steps he takes to ensure his own security, someone seems to be one step ahead of G’Kar at every turn…

Order now!Download this episodewritten by J. Michael Straczynski
directed by Jim Johnston
music by Christopher Franke

Guest Cast: Julia Nickson (Catherine Sakai), Thomas Kopache (Tu’Pari), Joy Hardin (Narn #1), Mark Hendrickson (Du’Rog), Calvin Jung (Guard), Randall Kirby (Businessman #1), Michael McKenzie (Pilgrim), Marianne Robertson (Dome Tech), Glenn Robinson (Head Waiter), Erich Martin Von Hicks (Businessman #2)

Notes: The character of Na’Toth, making her first appearance here, was originally to have been played by Susan Kellerman according to Warner Bros.’ preliminary promo material. Also note that the Minbari religious ceremony, according to Catherine Sakai, does double duty as a marriage ceremony.