The Fall Of Night

Babylon 5The Centauri conquest explodes into open aggression against races other than the Narn. A Narn ship arrives and and requests safe haven at B5, to which Sheridan agrees. Representatives from the Earth government and the suspicious Ministry of Peace arrive, declaring that Earth has reached a peace accord with the Centauri. As part of the Ministry of Peace’s Night Watch program, various paid informers among the station crew are obliged to report unusual events to the Ministry, including the hush-hush communication with the surviving Narn vessel. Londo summons a Centauri warship to force Sheridan to release the Narns into Centauri custody. When Sheridan refuses, a battle is fought and B5 survives, but Sheridan is ordered to apologize to Londo for the destruction of the Centauri ship. En route to his reluctant and very public apology, Sheridan finds a bomb in the station’s central core transport. Leaping out into mid-air, Sheridan escapes the exploding transport car, but he cannot escape the station’s increasing gravity as he falls toward the outer wall. Only a miracle can save him, and at Delenn’s insistence, just such a miracle emerges as Kosh finally reveals himself to all. So long as the Shadows are not aware that knowledge of their activity has spread beyond the Vorlons, Delenn says, there is still time to prepare for the coming war. But Warren Keffer’s final mission – to track down a Shadow ship in hyperspace – may have just blown the galaxy’s cover.

Order now!Download this episodewritten by J. Michael Straczynski
directed by Janet Greek
music by Christopher Franke

Babylon 5Guest Cast: Roy Dotrice (Frederick Lantz), Jeff Conaway (Zack Allan), Juli Donald (Pilot #1), Rick Hamilton (Mitch), Robin Sachs (Na’Kal), John Vickery (Mr. Welles), Donovan Brown (Pak’Ma’Ra Ambassador), Joshua Cox (Tech #1), Elisa Beth Garver (Tech #2), Mark Hendrickson (Narn #1), Joshua Patton (Human/Minbari Kosh), Kim Strauss (Drazi Ambassador)

LogBook entry by Earl Green