The Face of the Enemy

Babylon 5More and more Earth ships switch sides to join Sheridan’s fleet, including his old command, the Agammemnon. While visiting his old ship, Sheridan receives a call from Garibaldi, a warning that Sheridan’s father has been seized and taken into custody, and an offer of help. Against the advice of Ivanova, his former first officer on the Agammemnon, and probably even his own common sense, Sheridan agrees to Garibaldi’s terms to come to Mars, alone, only to find that it’s a trap. Sheridan is captured and brutalized by Earth Force, and in exchange for this demonstration of reliability, Edgars tells Garibaldi the whole truth – he’s not trying to keep the Psi Corps from gaining power, he’s trying to ensure the extinction of all telepaths. Even though Garibaldi agrees to help Edgars, he himself has unwittingly been gathering intelligence for Bester and the Corps. And perhaps worst of all, Bester reminds Garibaldi of something he’s forgotten.

Order now!Download this episodewritten by J. Michael Straczynski
directed by Mike Vejar
music by Christopher Franke

Guest Cast: Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. (William Edgars), Richard Gant (Captain Edward McDougan), Denise Gentile (Lise Hampton), Marjorie Monaghan (Number One), Diana Morgan (Alison Higgins), David Purdham (Captain James), Ricco Ross (Captain Frank), Mark Schneider (Wade), Walter Koenig (Bester), Harlan Ellison (Psi Cop)

LogBook entry by Earl Green