Shadow Dancing

Babylon 5Delenn is having difficulty convincing the League of Non-Aligned Worlds of the merits of committing large numbers of their forces to a full frontal assault on the Shadows – after all, the Shadows’ track record of leaving no survivors is almost spotless – but wins the support of the League. Sheridan dispatches Marcus and Ivanova on a mission in the White Star to act as the early warning for the fleet, but it is made clear to them from the outset that they only have a 50/50 chance of surviving a meeting with the Shadows. Delenn proposes that, after the battle is over, she and Sheridan engage in a three-day Minbari ritual during which the female watches the male in his sleep to find his true face, and, if she approves, to stay with him. Franklin, still on his walkabout, tries to intervene to prevent a man from being thrashed by two dwellers of Downbelow, only to find himself on the receiving end of a large knife, and even the man he saves won’t help him for fear of being exposed as a drug dealer.

A lone Shadow scout vessel appears, and the White Star sounds the alarm – but their quarry turns on them and, before they can destroy it, causes critical damage to the White Star, which now sits helpless before an approaching Shadow attack fleet. Franklin lies alone and dying on the station when he finally meets himself – with mixed results. Franklin reflects with himself upon his inability to take responsibility for his actions or his life, and still no help is on the way. Sheridan, Delenn and the others launch their fleet to counter the Shadow attack, and the battle is on. Franklin manages to struggle his way into a public place where there is a chance that someone will call for help. After a long a bloody fight, the Shadows are routed by Sheridan’s fleet, but at great cost – for every Shadow ship destroyed, at least two of the ships provided by the League of Non-Aligned Worlds faced a similar fate. Franklin is taken to medlab, where he watches as the wounded from the battle with the Shadows are wheeled in en masse and decides he wants to return to his job.

In hyperspace, a Shadow vessel launches a small craft toward the station. Its occupant arrives almost unnoticed, but Zack Allan alerts Ivanova of the mysterious new arrival. Unfortunately, no one can stop this visitor from going to Sheridan’s quarters. Delenn’s ritual of watching Sheridan sleep is interrupted when a woman enters the room and identifies herself as Anna Sheridan.

Order now!Download this episodewritten by J. Michael Straczynski
directed by Kim Friedman
music by
Christopher Franke

Guest Cast: Melissa Gilbert (Anna Sheridan), Shirley Prestia (Barbara), John Grantham (Thug #2), J. Gordon Noice (Man), Jonathan Chapman (Brakiri), Joshua Cox (Lt. Corwin), Mark Hendrickson (Drazi Ambassador), Nicholas Ross Oleson (Thug #1), Doug Cox (Husband)

Original UK airdate: September 15, 1996

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer