Racing Mars

Babylon 5Sheridan, having seen ISN run Garibaldi’s incriminating interview again and again, decides to take the matter up with Garibaldi personally. The discussion turns into an argument and then comes to blows, and Sheridan threatens to have his former security chief put off the station – or worse. A shady character named Wade introduces himself to Garibaldi, trying to convince him that Sherdian needs to be stopped, but despite his argument with the captain, Garibaldi doesn’t feel the need to sell anyone out. On Mars, Franklin and Marcus have suffered through a long journey with their curious fellow passenger Captain Jack, who turns out to be their contact with the resistance. However, when they try to open discussions with the leaders of the Mars resistance, it seems that someone has tampered with their identification. They discover that the turncoat is the forgetful Captain Jack, but he isn’t acting of his own volition. And after another altercation with Sheridan, Garibaldi decides that it may be time for him to switch sides after all.

Order now!Download this episodewritten by J. Michael Straczynski
directed by Jesus Trevino
music by Christopher Franke

Guest Cast: Donovan Scott (Captain Jack), Mark Schneider (Wade), Clayton Landey (Number Two), Marjorie Monaghan (Number One), Jeff Griggs (Dan Randall)

LogBook entry by Earl Green