Mind War

Babylon 5After a narrow escape from an Earth Alliance fighter squadron, outcast Psi Corps member Jason Ironheart takes refuge aboard Babylon 5, hoping to make contact with Talia, his old student and former lover. Matters are made no easier when two Psi Cops – capable of immense telepathic power – arrive to grill Talia and Sinclair about Ironheart’s possible whereabouts. When it becomes apparent that Ironheart is not only aboard the station but is also somehow dangerous, Talia risks her standing with the Psi Corps to discover that Jason has become a new breed of telepath thanks to the Corps’ illicit experimentation. And Catherine Sakai, on a routine planetary survey mission, encounters a spacecraft of unfathomable size…

Order now!Download this episodewritten by J. Michael Straczynski
directed by Bruce Seth Green
music by Christopher Franke

Guest Cast: William Allen Young (Jason Ironheart), Felicity Waterman (Kelsey), Walter Koenig (Bester), Julia Nickson (Catherine Sakai), Don Dowe (Earth Fighter), Elisa Pensler Gabrielli (Guest Liaison), Michael McKenzie (Narn Captain), Kevin Page (Businessman), Mark S. Porro (Security Guard), Macaulay Bruton (Garibaldi’s Aide), Marianne Robertson (Dome Tech #1)

Babylon 5Notes: This episode marks the first appearance of the First Ones. Bester also makes his first appearance, though Walter Koenig was originally slated to guest star as one of the “Knight” characters in And the Sky Full of Stars which, although it aired later, was filmed before Mind War; Koenig’s heart attack in 1993 prevented his planned appearance. The gift given to Talia by Ironheart is explored further in A Race Through Dark Places.