Into The Fire

Babylon 5Ivanova waits impatiently as she ferries Lorien around space in one of the White Star ships, attempting to make contact with more of the First Ones before the fateful convergence of the Shadow and Vorlon fleets. In the meantime, Sheridan with the rest of the White Star fleet in tow is busy attacking both sides’ targets to make sure that the ancient enemies will accept the invitation to face each other at Coriana 3. Londo, now in a position of power as Prime Minister of Centauri Prime, works at a feverish pace to remove Shadow influence from his world before the Vorlons arrive to destroy the planet. Londo at last disposes of Morden and the Shadow ships berthed on Centauri Prime, but his own presence may doom his people. When the Shadow and Vorlon fleets collide at Coriana 3, Sheridan forces the issue right down their throats in order to end the war. But even with the help of Lorien, Sheridan is only beginning to realize what will be required of him to bring the Shadow War to its conclusion.

Order now!Download this episodewritten by J. Michael Straczynski
directed by Kevin James Dobson
music by Christopher Franke

Guest Cast: Wayne Alexander (Lorien), Julian Barnes (Durano), Damian London (Minister), Ed Wasser (Morden)

LogBook entry by Earl Green