Babylon 5Delenn and Lennier form a welcoming party for arriving human “true seeker” Aldous Gajic, whose announcement that he has come to inquire with the alien ambassadors the whereabouts of the Holy Grail draws incredulity from Sinclair; however, Gajic is allowed to make appointments with the alien representatives to aid in his search. Along the way, he encounters a young thief named Jinxo, a former construction worker who participated in all five Babylon stations’ creation. Jinxo is on the run from Deuce, who is running an extortion ring below decks apparently with the help of Ambassador Kosh. Despite the fact that Jinxo tried to steal from him on their first meeting, Gajic takes him under his wing and tries to instill a sense of worth in him. When Gajic runs afoul of Deuce and his thugs while trying to protect Jinxo, he may have to trust everything to his new protege’, for he will not complete his quest.

Order now!Download this episodewritten by Christy Marx
directed by Richard Compton
music by Christopher Franke

Guest Cast: David Warner (Aldous Gajic), William Sanderson (Deuce), Tom Booker (Jinxo), Jim Norton (Ombuds Wellington), Linda Lodge (Mirriam Runningdeer), Ardwight Chamberlain (Kosh), John Flinn (Mr. Flinn), Marianne Robertson (Tech #1)

LogBook entry by Earl Green