The Long Dark

Babylon 5A sublight spacecraft carrying cryogenically frozen humans is discovered adrift in B5’s vicinity. The ship is secured and one of its occupants is found to have been killed during the vessel’s flight, which began from Earth over a century before. The surviving crew member – and wife of the deceased – has no memory of what happened to her husband. Her arrival coincides with a series of grisly murders and the emergence of a lurker named Amis who warns that there’s another passenger, an unwelcome one, on the sleeper ship.

Order now!Download this episodewritten by Scott Frost
directed by Mario Di Leo
music by
Christopher Franke

Guest Cast: Anne Marie Johnson (Mariah Cirrus), Dwight Schultz (Amis), Jennifer Anglin (Alien #1), Babylon 5Neil Bradley (Alien #2), James Kiriyama-Lem (Medlab Tech), Kim Strauss (Markab Ambassador), Warren Tabata (Guard)

Notes: Ivanova checks the flight path of the Copernicus after it was boarded by the alien presence, and at the time it’s intercepted near B5, it seems to be headed for eventual arrival at Z’ha’dum, the planet where G’Kar found the Shadows lurking in Revelations.

LogBook entry by Earl Green