Babylon 5G’Kar narrowly escapes the Shadows he has found on a distant planet, and returns to B5 to warn the Council of his discovery. At the same time, Sheridan’s sister visits him for the first time in two years and is upset that he has buried the pain of his wife’s death with his devotion to duty. Dr. Franklin makes an unprecedented gamble in an effort to bring Garibaldi out of his coma, but shortly after reviving him the doctor is called away to attend to Delenn, who has emerged from the chrysalis in a form completely bearing little resemblance to any Minbari. Morden asks Londo to return a favor by warning him if any unusual activity is expected to occur on the outer rim, and when G’Kar announces that a Narn ship is returning to the Shadows’ planet, Londo passes this information along; the Narn expedition is wiped out within seconds of arrival, and G’Kar predicts a grim fate for all at the hands of the Shadows.

Order now!Download this episodewritten by J. Michael Straczynski
directed by Jim Johnston
music by Christopher Franke

Guest Cast: Beverly Leech (Elizabeth Sheridan), Macaulay Bruton (Garibaldi’s Aide), Beth Toussaint (Anna Sheridan), David L. Crowley (Lou Welch), Mark Hendrickson (Narn Captain), James Kiriyama-Lem (Med Tech), Mark McGurk (President Clark), Michael McKenzie (Narn Navigator), Warren Tabata (Guard), Ed Wasser (Morden), Edward Conery (Devereaux)

Babylon 5Notes: The organization to which Garibaldi’s treacherous right-hand man belongs also appears to claim Psi Cop Bester as a member; they share the “Be seeing you” salute (derived from the cult British series The Prisoner, not from Rush Limbaugh). The fate of the Icarus and Sheridan’s wife are explored further in In The Shadow Of Z’ha’Dum and Z’ha’Dum.

LogBook entry by Earl Green