Babylon 5A Minbari ship arrives at B5 while Zack needles Minbari tailors about adjusting Garibaldi’s uniform for him (and receives a needling in kind). Callenn, a new Minbari arrival, has come to take Delenn back to her home world to undergo the Dreaming, a ceremony which reveals a pivotal moment of a person’s past, a glimpse at their soul. Delenn is reluctant to reveal to Sheridan that the results of the Dreaming may require her to stay on Minbar forever. Sheridan sends Franklin and Marcus to Mars to establish contact with the Martian resistance, in an effort to gain more support to return the Earth Alliance to order. On Minbari, Delenn, with Lennier as her guide, enters the Dreaming, reliving her first meeting with the Grey Council and Dukhat, her induction into the Council after Dukhat’s tutelage, and her mentor’s death during the first contact between Minbari and humans. But Delenn also remembers the horrible truth – that her anguished cry for vengeance upon Dukhat’s death was the deciding vote that led her people into a war with the humans. With her caste looking for anything to discredit her, how can Delenn’s reputation withstand the blood of millions on her hands?

Order now!Download this episodewritten by J. Michael Straczynski
directed by Tony Dow
music by Christopher Franke

Guest Cast: Brian Carpenter (Callenn), Reiner Shone (Dukhat), Robin Atkin Downes (Grey Council #1)

Notes: Shortly after hearing the horrible sound, almost every one of the major races and the League of Non-Aligned Worlds signed a treaty banning the use of Jason Carter’s singing voice as a weapon in wartime. (This event takes place off-screen and may therefore be considered apocryphal to official continuity.)

LogBook entry by Earl Green