Episode 6

AstronautsOn the occasion of the crew’s 50th day in space, they’re annoyed to find that no one on the ground is marking the occasion with them, and they demand that Beadle secure some media coverage of this milestone. In the meantime, Ackroyd reveals that he’s turned the laboratory module into a still, and shares his home-brewed rum with Mattocks and Foster, and all three proceed to get sloppy drunk. It is naturally, at this time, that Beadle tells them they’ll be on the News at Ten mere minutes from now.

written by Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie
directed by Dick Clement

AstronautsCast: Christopher Godwin (Mattocks), Carmen Du Sautoy (Foster), Barrie Rutter (Ackroyd), Bruce Boa (Beadle), and Bimbo (himself)

LogBook entry by Earl Green