Episode 13

AstronautsOn the morning of the crew’s return to Earth, Mattocks receives a personal message from his wife Valerie. As Ackroyd and Foster continue to worry about whether or not their commander, still flush with newfound religious enthusiasm, is in any kind of mental state to fly them home, Mattocks proceeds to fall apart. The private message was an admission that Valerie has been less than faithful during Mattocks’ six month stay in space. Can Beadle convince the astronauts to return when all three of them are now convinced that they have nothing left on the ground with living for?

written by Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie
directed by Dick Clement

AstronautsCast: Christopher Godwin (Mattocks), Carmen Du Sautoy (Foster), Barrie Rutter (Ackroyd), Bruce Boa (Beadle), Mary Healey (Valerie), and Bimbo (himself)

LogBook entry by Earl Green