The Rule

Ark IIEn route to investigate a small group of cave dwellers to see if their quality of life can be improved, Ark II is attacked by scavengers. The shields are activated and the attack is thwarted, but Jonah and Samuel worry about Ruth, who is doing her own scouting in the Roamer vehicle. The Roamer does indeed run into trouble in rocky terrain, and Ruth is knocked out cold. Adam runs for help, while Ruth is carried to safety by a young man from a community which is harshly ruled by his father. As leader of this community, Martin fiercely applies “the rule”: the infirm and disabled cannot contribute to society, and must be cast out before they drag the rest of the community down. When Martin’s own son is injured, the rule applies to him as well – until Ruth and her friends from Ark II help him prove his worth.

Ark IIwritten by Martin Roth
directed by Ted Post
music by Yvette Blais & Jeff Michael and Horta-Mahana

Cast: Terry Lester (Jonah), Jean Marie Hon (Ruth), Jose Flores (Samuel), Philip Abbott (Martin), Davis Roberts (Mr. Jackson), Kenneth O’Brien (Rufus), David Abbott (Jeff), Lou Scheimer (voice of Adam)

Note: Philip Abbott and David Abbott, playing a father and son in this episode, were a real-life father and son who appeared in the same show on more than one occasion.

LogBook entry by Earl Green