The Sunstealers – Part 2

Alien WorldsCaptain Jon Graydon escapes from the Marcabs, but must leave Captain Griff in the Marcabs’ clutches if he is to escape and warn the ISA of the alien threat to Earth’s solar system. Maura and Tim devise a counter-magnetic generator to render the Marcabs’ sun-mining artificial planetoid helpless, while Graydon plans to lead a desperate flight back to that planetoid to deliver the weapon – and, if possible, to rescue Griff.

written by Mike Hodel and Lee Hansen
directed by Lee Hansen
music by Jim Kirk

Cast: Roger Dressler (Narrator), Linda Gary (Maura Cassidy), Bruce Phillip Miller (Captain Jon Graydon), Corey Burton (Jerry Lyden), Chuck Olsen (Captain Buddy Griff), Jeff Allen (Tim), Stu Jacobs (Zarr Khonar), Tom Rounds (Gargon)

LogBook entry by Earl Green