The Spirit Of ’95

Alien NationEmotions run high as the vote approaches for the Alien Voting Amemdment, a significant change to the U.S. Constitution that would give Newcomers the vote for the first time. The pro-AVA movement is gaining ground, and its charismatic leaders even convince Buck and Susan to help them in their campaign. But they’re also receiving bomb threats – and after one such threat, the AVA campaign headquarters is destroyed just after Buck and Susan step outside. The threat caller claims to be a member of the anti-alien Purist Party, and this lands George and Sikes in the middle of an investigation that proves to be as much about politics as about solving the crime. The leader of the Purists naturally denies all knowledge, and even brings up the possibility that the AVA movement’s leaders may be engineering these problems for themselves to gain sympathetic press coverage. How far will both sides go to further their agendas – and can George and Sikes actually catch either side doing anything illegal?

Order this episode on DVDDownload this episodewritten by Tom Chehak
directed by Harry S. Longstreet
music by David Kurtz

Guest Cast: Mark Thomas Miller (Wyatt Earp), Mark Joy (Max Clay), Clarence Felder (Jack Pearlman), Harvey Jason (Hopper), Henry Brown (Jesse Parker), Frances Bay (Mrs. Gillimore), Mark L. Taylor (Mike Wilmington), Marla Fries (Carol Wilmington), Michael Milhoan (Cop), Ron S. Herbes (Reporter), Arthur Seidel (Desk Sergeant), Martin Valinsky (Officer)

LogBook entry by Earl Green