The Game

Alien NationA wave of Newcomer murders – death by toxic salt water – seems to strike a terrifying chord with George. When George explains that these killings are very much like the results of a deadly, forced game of Russian roulette that was played aboard the Tenctonese slave ship, Sikes blows the similarities off. George turns to one of his oldest friends, Tom Edison, who was also forced to endure the game aboard the slave ship. Becoming increasingly obsessed with the investigation, George makes what appear to be major blunders in trying to make an arrest in the case. Little does he know that the game has not only begun again on Earth, but his friend is the reigning champion.

Order this episode on DVDDownload this episodewritten by Steven Long Mitchell & Craig Van Sickle
directed by David Carson
music by

Guest Cast: Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs (Dobbs), Molly Morgan (Jill Molaskey), Teddy Wilson (Dr. Brennan), Andreas Katsulas (Coolock), Sam Anderson (Tom Edison), Billy Ray Sharkey (Deon Flack), Bill Allen (Ruhtra), Joel Swetow (Joe Comet), Maggie Egan (Mrs. Comet), Craig Richard Nelson (Attorney), Henry Stolow (Challenger), Isabel Wolfe (Alva), Martin Valinsky (Cop)

LogBook entry by Earl Green