The First Cigar

Alien NationGeorge and Susan wind up owing $2,400 to the most powerful force in their new world: the Internal Revenue Service. As the Franciscos try to figure out where they’re going to get the money, George can at least take solace in the newfound attention of Newcomer businesswoman Betsy Ross. After her tip helps George and Sikes take a human-Newcomer drug ring off the streets, she vows to keep tipping the department off to illegal activity – and she begins to send George unsolicited gifts, which makes Sikes uneasy. When the next tip from Betsy Ross keeps a substantial amount of drugs off the streets, the two cops begin to wonder where and how she’s getting her information. Meanwhile, Buck lands a job with New Tencton Village, a planned Newcomer-only community, and actually begins to make decent money selling homes there for a mere $100 down. But is this project – and his new job – too good to be true?

Order this episode on DVDDownload this episodewritten by Andrew Schneider & Diane Frolov
directed by John McPherson
music by Steve Dorff & Larry Herbstritt

Guest Cast: Diana Bellamy (Betsy Ross), Doug McKeon (Sam Simian), Joon B. Kim (Korean drug dealer), Carolyn Mignini (Ruth Steelman), John Patrick Reger (Ramna), Steve Susskind (Vahan), Jennifer Banko (Nina), Mike DeLuna (Cliff), Trevor Edmond (Blentu), Carlos Lacamara (Alvarez), Faith Minton (Bouncer), James Nixon (Newcomer Junkie), Noon Orsatti (Svabo), Jeff Skier (Delivery Man), Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Yamato), Salvator Xuereb (Newcomer Dealer)

Notes: Either a voice-activated English-Tenctonese translation unit has only just been invented, or Sikes has only just been able to afford one on a police salary. (In the following episode, he’s apparently already lost it.)

LogBook entry by Earl Green