Alien NationDuring a routine call, Sikes is attacked by a Newcomer criminal and is fatally wounded. Inexplicably, after he is pronounced dead, George discovers that he is still alive. Sikes later reveals that he had a vision of his attacker visiting him, dropping Tenctonese crystals on him, apologizing for killing him, and then bringing him back to life. The only evidence of this vision is the presence of a single crystal left with Sikes. The crystal is one of a variety used by a human/Newcomer religious sect where Sikes and George made an earlier routine stop. Sikes pays a visit to the order, and they lead him through a ceremony which causes him to remember with perfect clarity the vicious attack that crippled his father. Suddenly, Sikes isn’t just looking for a criminal on the loose – if his vision was any indication, he may be looking for a Newcomer who can perform miracles.

Order this episode on DVDDownload this episodewritten by Tom Chehak
directed by Tom Chehak
music by David Kurtz

Guest Cast: Brian Thompson (Peter Rabbit), Ellen Wheeler (Okno), Milt Kogan (Doctor), Raffi Diblasio (Billy), Rif Hutton (Officer), John Sudol (Sikes’ father), Terri Semper (Nurse), Ryan Cashas (young Sikes)

LogBook entry by Earl Green