Fountain Of Youth

Alien NationA fellow Newcomer cop takes a bullet for George at a stakeout, and is rushed to L.A.’s new Newcomer-only hospital. Despite focusing on Tenctonese medicine, the hospital has a human administrator, an old friend of Sikes’, and he promises Sikes and George that their colleague is suffering a superficial wound to his arm. Later, as the recovering police officer is walking around the hospital, he spots something completely at odds with the hospital’s mission: a female human patient is being treated there. The next day, the officer dies, supposedly of a fatal reaction to anesthetics. Sikes and George talk to the hospital staff, including Sikes’ neighbor Cathy, discovering that there have been a number of deaths recently. At a party held by Sikes’ friend, Sikes is offered the post of chief of security at the hospital, but he also has a little too much to drink and passes out. When Sikes wakes up in the morning, he has an odd scar. Cathy, who has discovered one common factor – a missing gland – among all of the dead Newcomers, discovers that Sikes has been injected with a Newcomer hormone from that gland…and that yet another patient died at the hospital while Sikes was at the party. Tenctonese patients are dying to make humans younger – and both Sikes’ friend and some of the Tenctonese doctors are in on the scheme.

Season 1 Regular Cast: Gary Graham (Matt Sikes), Eric Pierpoint (George Francisco), Michele Scarabelli (Susan Francisco), Lauren Woodland (Emily Francisco), Sean Six (Buck Francisco), Terri Treas (Cathy), Molly Morgan (Jill), Jeff Marcus (Albert Einstein), Jeff Doucette (Burns), Ron Fassler (Capt. Grazer), Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs (Sgt. Dobbs)

Order this episode on DVDDownload this episodewritten by Diane Frolov
directed by John McPherson
music by Steve Dorff

Guest Cast: Jason Beghe (Dr. Trenner), Joel Polis (Dr. Windsor), Liz Torres (Dr. Tamayo), Bonnie Urseth (Sofia James), Susan Gibney (Harriet Beecher), Gretchen German (Lisa Bancroft), James Greene (Moodri), Robert V. Barron (Celinite Priest), Crystal Carson (Celeste), Randy Harrington (Man), Wendy Kaplan (Beth Meadows), Steve Rankin (Henry James), Barry Sherman (Executive)

LogBook entry by Earl Green