Chains Of Love

Alien NationTwo Newcomer males turn up dead, having recently had sex under the influence of a Tenctonese drug called sardonac – a drug which creates a permanent monogamous bond between a couple. George and Sikes follow the trail to a computer dating bulletin board system which allows Newcomers to meet potential mates; both of the victims, and one other man, have arranged dates with a particular woman before dying. George tries to offer police protection to the one man who’s still alive, but he declines it – and then turns up dead. George sets himself up as the mystery woman’s next date, but Sikes worries that George is developing an infatuation with the suspect based on her picture. In the meantime, George begins to wonder if there’s a hidden reason why he and Susan have never bonded with sardonac – and an sting to catch the suspect doesn’t succeed in closing the case, but it does demonstrate the real power of sardonac to Sikes, in a way he never would’ve expected…

Order this episode on DVDDownload this episodewritten by Andrew Schneider & Diane Frolov
directed by Harry S. Longstreet
music by David Kurtz

Guest Cast: Caitlin O’Heaney (Jenny), S.A. Griffin (Marvin Gardens), Diana Barton (Emma Bovary), Teddy Wilson (Roscoe), Jeffrey Nordling (Ted Healy), Darren Dalton (Leonard), Theodore Raimi (Johnny), Bennett Liss (Ralph), Thom Zimmerle (Daniel), Kurt Verbaarschot (Roland)

Notes: This episode of Alien Nation marks one of the earliest TV appearances of Ted Raimi (credited here as Theodore Raimi), brother of Evil Dead auteur (and future Spider-Man movie franchise director) Sam Raimi. Ted Raimi would go on to appear in such series as seaQuest DSV and Xena: Warrior Princess, as well as quite a few of his brother’s film projects.

LogBook entry by Earl Green