Night Of The Screams

Alien NationSikes and George are assigned to investigate a wave of Newcomer murders, and the killer’s modus operandi lines up with the Tenctonese legend of Tagdot, a grotesquely mutilated alien who severed his victims’ hands. With Halloween approaching on Earth, the legends of Tagdot are being repeated by Uncle Moodri as ghost stories, but one thing is different about this killer – even if the murderer is masquerading as Tagdot, the hands have not been found. When the severed hands are recovered, they all have one thing in common, and the trail now leads George straight to the killer. But despite having the evidence he needs, George makes a decision not to arrest him – leaving Sikes to pursue leads that won’t put an end to the killing.

Order this episode on DVDDownload this episodewritten by Tom Chehak
directed by Gwen Arner
music by David Kurtz

Guest Cast: David Opatoshu (Paul Revere), Bradford English (John Macy), Meagen Fay (Coroner), Wayne Powers (Car Salesman), Mitch Pileggi (John Paul Sartre), James Greene (Moodri), Anya Liffey (Mrs. Sartree), Michael Milhoan (Officer #1), Harry Caesar (Man buying car), Gwen E. Davis (Woman buying car), Susanne LaVelle Alien Nation(Newcomer Usher), Steven Majewicz (Tadgdot – adult), Jessica Puscas (Tagdot – child), Gabe Witcher (Lost Child)

Notes: In the original end credits as broadcast (and preserved on DVD), a character is named “Mrs. Sartree,” even though it should be spelled “Sartre” in keeping with Alien Nation’s custom of giving Newcomers the names of dead humans. The credits also mention a “Newcomer Ushser,” probably referring to the usher at the movie theater. Presumably there was a bit of a rush in getting the credits prepared for this episode.

LogBook entry by Earl Green