Looking For Lucky

ALFLucky, the Tanners’ cat, has been on ALF’s radar since he landed on Earth, but he has agreed not to eat any family members. When Lucky turns up missing, however, the Tanners automatically suspect their alien house guest, and there seems to be little ALF can do but pack up and leave. But he’s so fond of the family – and even their cat – that he sets out to find Lucky and bring him home…until he gets mistaken for a stray pet himself.

Download this episodewritten by Bob Bendetson & Howard Bendetson
directed by Peter Bonerz
music by Alf Clausen

ALFCast: Max Wright (Willie Tanner), Anne Schedeen (Kate Tanner), Andrea Elson (Lynn Tanner), Benji Gregory (Brian Tanner), Darwin Joston (Dogcatcher), Carrie Lorraine (Heidi), Jed Mills (Heidi’s Dad)

LogBook entry by Earl Green