About The Video Previews

These “watch a preview” buttons you see here lead to episode trailers, recovered from VHS tapes and restored for contrast and color correction, are presented here for historical interest only, as they have not been included on any DVD box sets to date, and generally speaking haven’t been seen since the original first syndication run of their respective series.

Many of the early Star Trek: The Next Generation trailers are in my collection thanks to the endless generosity of fellow local Star Trek fan Brian Hall, who had access to the show’s first-run syndication wild feeds. Special thanks to Brian for helping to preserve these bite-sized chunks of Trek and TV history.

Where necessary, the VHS copies have been color-corrected and restored on an Avid digital editing system. Every effort has been made to present them without “tags” tying them to any particular TV station.

For most of the run of Star Trek’s numerous syndicated spinoffs, these promos were produced by Beck-Ola Productions; Beck-Ola also produced a few of the Star Trek: Voyager promos, but during that show’s original network run, UPN’s internal promotions department did most of the Voyager promos.

The shows, footage and audio are of course copyrighted by their respective studios/networks as indicated in the copyright notice on each page. theLogBook.com watermark only appears on this footage to deter file theft and redistribution, not as an attempt to impinge on those entities’ ownership of the material.