Captain Power And The Soliders Of The Future

Shattered The Abyss Wardogs Final Stand Pariah A Fire In The Dark The Mirror In Darkness The Room The Ferryman And Study War No More The Intruder The Rose Of Yesterday Flame Street Gemini And Counting And Madness Shall Reign A Summoning Of Thunder Part I A Summoning Of Thunder Part II The Eden Road […]


With a visit from the recently re-elected President of the Earth Alliance looming in the immediate future, preparations are in full swing, including maintenance on a docking area which will be the home of a new fighter squadron being brought to Babylon 5 by the President. An explosion in this area brings the President’s chief […]


The death of an armed street thug draws the attention of Brogan and Haldane, especially since there are no signs of a struggle – indicating that telekinesis may be the murder weapon. After he’s questioned in the death, a rival thug and several of his cohorts are killed in the same way: their hearts – […]

Body And Soul

Brogan takes his son on a joy ride through an asteroid belt, but the father-and-son outing is cut short with the discovery of a crashed, but largely intact, derelict spacecraft. Its hull still holds a pressurized atmosphere, so Brogan lands to investigate, though he’s worried about his son’s safety. They find a badly decomposed body, […]