An archaeological expedition makes an astonishing find – the sarcophagus of an Egyptian goddess named Hathor, inexplicably hidden in a secret chamber in Mayan ruins. Hathor awakens, kills the explorers, and makes her way to the SGC, where she overcomes the willpower of the base’s entire male population one by one. Carter raises objections when […]

Out Of Mind

O’Neill awakens in a facility he’s never seen before, surrounded by strangers. The last thing he remembers is going through the gate with his teammates to visit a world that intelligence reports said had been attacked by the Goa’uld. O’Neill is told that the year is 2077, that he’s awakened in the SGC, and that […]

Into The Fire

One of the other SG teams returns to General Hammond with news from the Tok’ra about SG-1’s capture. The General finds no shortage of volunteers willing to mount a rescue mission. On his own after taking his leave of the SGC, Teal’c tries to go home to Chu’lak through the gate and finds Master Bra’tac […]


In the year 3034, humanity has eliminated emotions and irrationality, and has set out to rid the universe of other species who refuse to similarly quash their emotions. The human fleet, led by Captain Belinda Blowhard of the Dreadnaught Nemesis, fights a pitched battle against the Reptids that doesn’t go well. A new tactic is […]


A chance run-in with a particularly nasty breed of simulants called exponoids becomes a momentary hostage crisis. Lister has to trade a piece of arcane time travel technology – which has been propping up Starbug’s pool table – to get Rimmer back. But once armed with time travel, the exponoids go back in time to […]