Secrets Of The Soul

Telepaths continue to pour into Babylon 5, concerning Zack since Lochley’s previous tactic to delay Bester barely worked. In the meantime, as part of his new project to create a comprehensive medical catalog of all of the Alliance’s member races, Franklin asks the Hyach ambassador for data on her species, only to discover that the […]

R2 Come Home

Anakin and Windu land their fighters near the crash site of the Endurance and enter the wreckage on foot (with their respective astromech droids following close behind). When they encounter the bodies of clone troopers amid the debris, it’s clear that they’re not crash victims, but the targets of execution-style killings. No survivors are found […]


After Phoenix Squadron is reduced to half strength in a high-risk raid to move cargo to other ships in the Rebel fleet, Commander Sato tasks the Ghost crew with a challenging assignment: find a base of operations which can provide Phoenix Squadron with shelter. One promising target is a massive Imperial carrier ship which holds […]

Hera’s Heroes

Hera and the crew of the Ghost race to rescue Hera’s father, Chaim Syndulla, and his inner circle of revolutionaries from an Imperial garrison on Hera’s home planet. Where previous Imperial attacks there have been hit-or-miss, Chaim Syndulla now says that there is a new focus and ferocity in their actions. Hera enlists the help […]

Blood Of Patriots

In the wake of the historic battle in which the Krill joined in the defense of Earth against the Kaylons, the Planetary Union is eager to press for full-on peace talks with the Krill, and sends the Orville to a meeting at which Captain Mercer is expected to sign a preliminary document to open negotiations. […]